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We provide high quality services





Damien Lamar Robinson

Founder &

Creative Director

New Hampshire-based ASCAP Publisher & Writer Member, Vocalist, Entertainer, Sound Designer, Web & Design Producer, Radio Producer, Speaker, Podcaster

Meet Damien Lamar, a perplexing artist with over 25 years of experience shaking up the cultural scene. With a dynamic background in digital art, illustration, music, writing, and branding, Damien's creative prowess brings a one-of-a-kind outlook to every project he tackles.

From film to web ventures, Damien Lamar boasts mastery in music production and design and is a rising author with a flair for multimedia storytelling. He is also a neurodivergent thought leader, a skilled web producer, an audio engineering expert, and an AI content writer, making him a bursting asset to any team. Whether he's composing music, crafting a story, or designing a brand, Damien approaches each challenge with imaginative zeal and a relentless drive to reach audiences in unprecedented ways.

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We provide high quality services